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How we can support you today?

Step into personalised treatment with our individual sessions or choose from our carefully curated Wellness Balances and Packages, each tailored to harmonize and rejuvenate your being. Select the path that resonates with you and begin your journey to wellness with Wholistic Restore.

Energy Medicine Healing

Energy Treatments

Treatments that can help you target and alleviate specific ailments

 Individual sessions 


Energy Wellness Balances

To clear blocked energy channels for a specific area of the body

 Individual sessions 

Energy Healing

Energy Wellness Packages

To treat a specific condition via combination of multiple wellness balances

 Packages containing multiple sessions 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Cancellation policy:

Please kindly note that we operate a 24-hour notice cancellation policy. We do not ask for pre-payment or your card details on booking, but we ask that you respect our business and our practitioner's precious time. Thank you ;)

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