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A patient receiving Energy healing

Energy Treatments

Discover the power of personalised energy treatments that can help you target and alleviate specific ailments, giving you a new lease on life.        (Locations: Balmain & Bondi, please check calendar for availability)

What are Energy Treatments?

Energy treatments are a unique blend of bio-electrical healing techniques, effective for a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. This non-invasive approach works with the body's bio-electrical system to accelerate natural healing and improve overall well-being. Suitable for all ages, it's used both independently and alongside Western medicine. AcuEnergetics® has a proven track record in alleviating various health issues, from chronic pain to emotional distress.

What can energy treatments help with?

Our Energy Treatments can help with a variety of areas in your life. Please see a non-exhaustive list below

What to expect during a session?

A session of typically lasts 60 minutes (first session will be 10 mins longer), you can expect a personalised and thoughtful experience. Our initial step involves a conversation to gain insight into your specific situation and health concerns. Following this, you will lie comfortably, fully clothed, on a treatment table. I then proceed to activate and harmonize different energy centers and channels in your body. I will work with the energy field around your body or using gentle touch, all designed to clear any energetic obstructions and promote equilibrium within your system.  Extended sessions also available upon request.

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