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Energy Wellness Balances

I specialize in AcuEnergetics® Wellness balances to rejuvenate your body and spirit, clearing blocked energy channels, enhancing energy flow, and strengthening your immune system. 

You can select individual Wellness Balances based on your needs and preferences or choose to indulge in a comprehensive cleanse and balance by booking multiple ones.         (Location: Bondi/Balmain, please check calendar for availability)

Vagus Nerve

Enhances well-being by stimulating the Vagus Nerve, promoting relaxation, supporting vital organs, and fostering a shift towards calmness and balance.

Circulation of the Light

Experience profound relaxation with this balance, designed to stimulate energy circulation, ideal for cold & flu symptoms, jet lag, low energy & more.

Pelvic Alignment Balance

Targeting the pelvis, this balance aims to alleviate issues like coccyx pain, lower back discomfort, and sciatic pain.

Energy Centre Balance

A deeply calming session aimed at enhancing the harmony between the heart, mind, and body, especially beneficial during emotional stress.

Sacral Balance

Focusing on clearing blocked energy in the spine, legs, and pelvic area, this balance helps with managing pain, discomfort, and menstrual disorders.

Wind Gates

An excellent choice for addressing issues like poor digestion, abdominal pain, and bloating. It focuses on clearing stale energies, enhancing digestive comfort.

Energy Liver Cleanse

A potent treatment to detoxify the liver.  Beneficial for alleviating symptoms of depression, anger, or frustration, and to support people who have gone through chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Energy Lymph Drainage

A rejuvenating session focused on stimulating the lymphatic system and spleen, enhancing the body’s immune functions.

Stomach 4’s Balance

A specialised balance designed to relieve pain, particularly in the hips, back, and pelvis.

Three Spinal Gates Balance

Concentrating on key spinal areas, this balance is effective for easing pain and tension in the spine.

Reverse Sacral Balance

A powerful balance focusing on optimizing reproductive system function, assisting with menstrual disorders, infertility and pre-pregnancy preparation.

Thrusting Channels Balance

Ideal for an energy boost, this balance enhances the body’s energy availability and supports immune function.
Please note: Circulation of the light balance is required before booking this balance.

Reflections from our cherished clients

Janeth is truly an extraordinary healer. I was blessed to have Janeth treat and nurture me at a time when we were managing a lot of family stress through illness.
Her Balances did just that and helped reset my energy and gave my body the healing it needed. I couldn’t recommend Janeth more highly and always look forward to my next treatment sessions with her.


- Simon D

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