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From Anger to Serenity, from Fear to Courage

Despite of family violence and turbulent upbringing, Janeth always was characterized for her positivism and passion for life.  Although she was not aware of the enormous damage that such abuse caused to her, it was evident that her soul growth, soul testing, and spiritual awakening came from those experiences.  From this foundation, healing and transformation occurred to her.

Janeth is compassionate, straightforward, and highly intuitively.  Vipassana Meditation was the transformative experience that marked the beginning of her journey of “opening her heart”, followed by Mantra Meditation and Energy Medicine.  Over the last 12 years, she has dedicated herself to exploring and delving deeply into this realm. This exploration has allowed her to cultivate wisdom and adopt practices that resonate with the essence of light, energy, and profound healing. 

Janeth’s latest certification is in Energy Medicine- AcuEnergetics® Practitioner. In her practice, she offers a nurturing space where you and her will explore and harmonise the natural rhythms of your body, unveiling the roots of health challenges and fostering a journey toward joy, vitality, and well-being.

Join her at Wholistic Restore to explore paths that lead towards vibrant health, transformation, and the blossoming of your fullest life.

Let’s Work Together

You can book a Personalized Energy Treatment, Energy Wellness Balance or experience revolutionary treatment  through one of our Energy Healing Packages.

Energy Medicine Healing

Personalised Energy Treatments

Treatments that can help you target and alleviate specific ailments

 Individual sessions 


Energy Wellness Balances

To clear blocked energy channels for a specific area of the body

 Individual sessions 

Energy Healing

Energy Wellness Packages

To treat a specific condition via combination of multiple wellness balances

 Packages containing multiple sessions 

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